Number Validation

Whether you’re looking to find out more information about an existing mobile phone number database or would like to send a marketing campaign that is personalised without being intrusive according to a set of specific filters, our Mobile Number Validation services can help you.

Utilising the SS7 protocols, we are able to ascertain a wealth of information about a mobile phone from its number – without calling it. This means we can find out whether a mobile is pay-as-you-go or contract, what network it is on and, of course, whether or not the mobile is a valid, active number.

Contract or Pay-As-You-Go

Knowing whether a user is on a contract or pay-as-you-go provides a great filter for targeted marketing services – specifically, filtering by personal financial data.

If you would like to market a high-end product or service, you can request only to send to contract numbers, knowing that they are financially responsible and viable. Conversely, pay-as-you-go phone owners are a good audience for many other services, such as financial companies offering loans.

In the US, we are also able to provide credit check services using mobile phones to help further filter users according to financial data.


Network data is perfect for marketing campaigns seeking to create personalised bulk SMS campaigns without needing to know precisely who the SMS recipient is.

This means you can send specific messages tailored to each network audience, with offers like ‘Exclusive for Vodafone users’ and ‘O2 user special discount’ – a great way of getting closer to your audience without intruding.

Existing Databases

Using the SS7 protocol we are able to validate mobile phones, cleaning up your database and creating additional fields within it, adding to its value.

Key Features

Our mobile phone number validation services can help you find out more about existing number databases and create personalised campaigns without being intrusive.

How It Works
Using SS7 Protocols, we can ascertain a wealth of information about a mobile phone without calling it, adding value to databases with additional information while cleaning them up.

We can ascertain whether or not numbers are pay-as-you-go or contract and what network it is on, meaning you can craft personalised and targeted campaigns without intruding.

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