The traditional refund methods of bank transfers and cheque mail-outs are cumbersome and awkward for all involved – managing directors, financial directors and even the consumers themselves. They tend to create difficulties in your cashflow, leaving open-ended exposure in your accounts while waiting to find out if and when a cheque will be cashed; or require the end user to give up personal data.

Our unique SMS refund service agreement with the Post Office is quick, cost-effective, cheap and hassle-free for all involved: by setting a validity period you’ll limit the exposure on your accounts and you don’t need to ask for personal data from the end user.

Key Features

According to your schedule for when pay-outs are to be sent, you supply us a .CSV file with the data and we do the rest.

An SMS is sent by us to the customer’s mobile phone. They simply need to take this to any of the UK’s 12,000 Post Office branches and present it over the counter – they will then receive their payout in cash, plus the receipt.

We can process payments the next working day, if requested; otherwise, customers can expect to receive their payouts within 4 working days.

Please see ‘Payment Solutions’ for more information.

Our clients include