Voucher / Coupon SMS

Redeemable SMS coupons are a great asset in any marketing campaign – sent either as a free-to-receive promotion or using premium SMS.

All manner of goods, services and experiences can be promoted in this way: drive footfall, increase sales, support product launches, capture data and heighten brand awareness while creating positive brand experiences. With our scaleable SMS services, we can create a package that suits businesses of any size.

There are a wide variety of options available to help achieve your desired results through the use of SMS coupons, such as:

  • Bulk SMS discount vouchers
  • Bulk MMS barcode vouchers for scanning
  • Bulk SMS with hyperlinks for smartphones to access e-comm websites
  • Alphanumeric codes to provide access to pay-for websites and events
  • Premium SMS to pay for goods, services and experiences
  • Location Based Services [Hyperlink] providing vouchers for nearest store

Talk to our team today to learn how best to integrate Coupon SMS into your marketing plan and the benefits you could receive.

Key Features

Enhance your marketing campaign by utilizing voucher and coupon SMS – either to generate revenue with PSMS or free-to-receive promotions driving footfall.

OPPORTUNITIES/ Support product launches; drive footfall to stores; increase sales; capture data; improve brand awareness

REVENUE/ Premium SMS services can be used for consumers to pay for goods, services and experiences up-front.

Our clients include