Marketing SMS

Mobile Commerce & Other Media offer the best Bulk SMS service on the market – a fast and reliable gateway to deliver SMS in bulk to any network in the UK and many more around the globe.

Whether you need to schedule a one-off send or develop a long-term relationship, we have a price plan to suit your needs and easily integrated software to get you up and running in no time. We will ensure your sends are fully compliant with the networks, PhonePay Plus and the ASA, and will work with you to deliver the best message to get the best results.

Ideal for broadcasting messages, whether marketing or job scheduling, delivering direct response advertising campaigns or enhancing internal and consumer communications, our Bulk SMS services should be your first choice.

Our Service

  • SMS or MMS
  • Non-intrusive and personalised
  • Hyperlinks for smart phone browsers
  • Technical expertise for integration and enhancement
  • Our API has numerous connectivity options
  • Schedule messages to allow for staggered response or even have them triggered by events

Dynamic Headers

We will provide an alphanumeric identity code of up to 11 digits for your sender identity – this could be a name or even a phone number, to encourage immediate response or return message path.


Call or email us to discuss your requirements and we’ll respond promptly with a quote tailored to suit your budget and your needs.

Key Features

Bulk SMS sends are perfect for broadcasting messages, whether the intent be marketing or job scheduling. We will work with you to perfect your message in order to get the best results.

ONE OFFS / We can provide one-off campaigns to get a message out there to your database or you can rent ours according to a wide variety of demographic filters.

LONG TERM / If you’re after a long term platform for many sends, we can create a price plan to suit your needs and easily intergrate our software to get you running in no time.

PREMIUM / We can help you create a new revenue stream from your bulk sends; visit our PSMS page for more information.

Our clients include